As two fresh out of university nature conservationists, we traveled through southern Africa in search for a place in need of support. At the same time, we visited many existing development aid and nature conservation projects for inspiration and experience. We found a place during our first two weeks traveling: Kafue National Park in Zambia. Read more about Kafue National Park in our blog.

At this moment we are back in The Netherlands, at the stage of finding funds and creating revenue for the project through our photography (see here for more info). It is our goal to create business opportunities for, and together with the locals that live around Kafue National Park. Through this path we aim to improve both the quality and sustainability of their livelihoods. As a result, we believe that the negative impact on wildlife will decrease and nature will be able to flourish again in this beautiful rich landscape.


Lars Vermeer & Kellie Bocxe

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During our three months of travelling through southern Africa, we have used a Nikon D3300 with a 18-300 mm Sigma lens for our photography. All photos on this website, instagram and facebook are our own and copyrighted. All our photographs are for sale and can be printed on poster, fine art or other kinds of wall decoration in collaboration with Saal Digital (links show the options and formats). Click here for the price list.  All the proceeds will be invested in creating a sustainable future for Zambians and the natural world in and around Kafue National Park.

On our instagram account you can find most of our images. A sample of our best pictures is shown below. If you are interested in prints or buying stock photographs, please send us an email. Include the following information for prints: your name, shipping address, e-mail address, the image(s) you want (their number/name) and how you want the images to be printed (material and format). We are happy to give you advise if necessary. Include the following information for stock photographs:  your name, e-mail address, phone number, the image(s) you want (their number/name) and what the images are going to be used for.


Kellie Bocxe

Graduate MSc Forest and Nature Conservation in Wageningen and BSc Environmental Science in Utrecht, The Netherlands. Wanted to work for Greenpeace since she was 10 years old. Now her dream is to build up a lot of small steps in the form of local nature and community projects, to assure a more sustainable planet in the future. Read more...

Lars Vermeer

Graduate MSc Forest and Nature Conservation in Wageningen The Netherlands. Lars is driven to find a way in which people and nature can coexist and thrive. During his upcoming trip through southern Africa he hopes to come across organizations and rural communities that are like-minded, so that they can build on a balanced future together. Read more...


Read here about the projects we have visited! Find out more by clicking on their website, or contact us if you are interested.

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