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In Kafue National Park, located in Zambia, there is much to be gained in terms of nature and local economy. Many of the locals live in poverty, and in combination with a lack of involvement or sense of ownership, enough people have to enter the park (not fenced) for often unsustainable sources of income (bush encroachment and poaching). They simply need to feed their families. The result is that the vegetation and animal populations suffer on a large scale. With regard to animal populations, it is estimated that only 10% to 20% of carrying capacity is left. But it is not too late! Help us protect Kafue National Park.
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It has always been our belief that nature can only be maintained in the long term by involving all stakeholders in its conservation. In order to achieve this, there is a great need for a holistic sustainability policy in which effective communication is essential. There are so many potential connections and opportunities to be gained by sharing information and effective communication. However, there is a lack of a solid infrastructure that helps people and organizations understand each other and thereby gain and maintain trust. By developing this, By Life Connected can contribute to the preservation of nature (including humans and cattle) in and around Kafue National Park in Zambia.


Imagine a central place, both physically and digitally, where reliable information, services and ideas come together and are displayed and distributed as clearly and equally as possible. A local market, knowledge center, job site, database, bank, training institute, volunteer bank, etc. All in one. Under the direction of By Life Connected, this information and communication platform could serve society as part of nature. From here we believe that new business opportunities and charity projects will automatically arise, set in motion by the people that are connected through the platform. 

Read about our project in more detail here.

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