Lukanga Secondary School

Lukanga Secondary School


April 2020 – June 2021


Lukanga Village, Kabulwebulwe Chiefdom, Zambia


3 Classroom block completed

The need for a secondary school in Lukanga village was high. Getting to the nearest secondary school, many students have to walk for several hours. This can be discouraging and tiring, robbing them of their focus from actual learning. It had led to many of them not continuing into secondary school. Lukanga’s headteacher has earned the school a good reputation and the construction of a secondary school will help many students to get the education they deserve.


With the help of our local team, we have implemented a sustainable building method called earthbag building, for the construction of the school. This method saves on money and has a much lower carbon footprint then when cement is used.


Using earthbags also helps climate-control in the classrooms; during hot summer days it will remain cool, helping students to remain focused. It turns out, it has also been a great way of getting the community involved, as they could easily help with filling the bags with the soil.

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