Sustainable Clean Cooking Stoves

Sustainable Clean Cooking Stoves


February 2020 – February 2021


Ten chiefdoms around Kafue National Park & Simonga Village, Livingstone


20,248 Stoves Distributed

One of the biggest threats to the Zambian nature is the vast consumption of wood and charcoal for cooking.


The Greenway Smart stoves are alternative stoves which are 2/3 more effective than traditional charcoal stoves. This means two litres of water boils between 5 to 7 minutes. They produce 70% less smoke and, most importantly, you can only put small pieces of dead wood in it. There is no need to cut entire trees for firewood, so these stoves prevent deforestation.


Collaboration with Greenway for the distribution of the sustainable jumbo cooking stoves started in 2020. The success in Mulendema and Kabulwebulwe chiefdom, prompted us to distribute not only in our ‘own’ chiefdoms, but to travel all around the park and help other communities with this alternative stove as well.


Overall, we distributed around 18,500 stoves from 10 different locations around Kafue National Park, reaching people in both rural and urban areas. We also brought one consignment of around 2000 stoves to Livingstone, to distribute in Simonga and Sinde area. 


A 5-year annual monitoring program is undertaken with the help of Greenway. The feedback from this monitoring is positive with reports of them being used on a daily basis, and little to no faults. 

Each stove reduces 2.4 tons of CO2 equivalent emissions annually. If all 20,248 stoves have been in use for a year, there is a total reduction of around 48,596 tons of CO2!  To put this in perspective, this amount is equivalent to:

  • Carbon being compensated for  5,062 Dutch people (average 9.6 tons per year)
  • Saving over 48,600 trees (with a lifespan of 100 years)