Mukuni Community Farm

Mukuni Community Farm


January 2020 - Present


Mukuni Chiefdom, Livingstone, Zambia


--------12.6 ha regenerative farming ------------------18 community members ---------------------120 farmers in workshop ---------

How can we grow fresh organic crops, protect farming land against depletion, and at the same time empower local communities?

In partnership with the Green Safaris Conservation Foundation and the Mukuni Development Trust, we are pioneering the Mukuni Community Farm in Livingstone, Zambia’s tourist capital. 

Together with the community, we have established a fully sustainable organic farm to feed the community for years to come. The project recovers the natural water and nutrient cycles and implements holistic grazing to rehabilitate both land and plant life. The local community acquires knowledge and hands-on skills in sustainable organic agriculture, the establishment of a food forest, poultry farming, rotational grazing and mushroom growing. Eighteen village people are working at the farm full-time, but we also have regular workshops for other farmers to learn new skills. These workshops are sometimes attended by more than 80 people at a time!

Overall, this project aims to give the local communities self-reliance and power over their own development. It also creates links to markets for their produce and promotes sustainable income generation in the Mukuni Community. This eventually reduces overdependence on natural resources and exploitation of wildlife.

This project is implemented in partnership with: